Where to borrow money for a language course?

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is today a pass to a well-paid job and free travel around the world. A good language course can help develop opportunities. Check what costs such an investment involves and how you can finance it in the absence of cash.

Language courses may differ in how they teach, how they teach or how long they last. Full-time full-year courses are available, as well as courses that take place in an accelerated mode and end after just 1 or 3 months. The same is true for online courses – short, medium and long-term options are offered. How much do individual solutions cost?

Stationary language courses

You need to pay between 1500 and 3000 USD for an annual English course in full-time mode. The cost, of course, depends on several factors: language school, country region, teaching method, number of classes or group size. The price usually includes materials used for classes, as well as those for self-study at home. One- and several-month courses may be slightly cheaper, but in the end it all depends on the number and frequency of classes.

Online language courses

People who would prefer more flexibility and convenience have online language courses available. Some of them involve buying access to a specific package and processing the material yourself – their price, depending on the duration and level of the course, ranges from about USD 50 to USD 300. If the course provides for the possibility of using individual e-lessons with the teacher, the costs are correspondingly higher. A monthly package with access to lector support usually costs a minimum of USD 100-150, although here a lot depends on the number or duration of consultations.

Loan for a language course

Language courses, given the benefits they offer, should be considered relatively inexpensive. A few hundred zlotys or even several thousand expenses can open many new opportunities in private and professional life. It is not worth giving up such an investment even when we lack the cash to finance it. A small loan or non-bank loan will allow you to obtain the necessary funds and enjoy developing your own language skills. Importantly, such products do not have to be associated with high costs – for example a payday loan is available at SMART, thanks to which you can borrow completely free up to USD 2,000 for 30 days – provided that you use the offer for the first time and the commitment will be paid on time.